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Cinnamon Gorp

Cinnamon Gorp

A tasty Cinnamon Gorp with dry roasted peanuts, crispy M & Ms and cinnamon raisins. This one is particularly good - kids love it! Makes a great school or desk drawer snack.


1 1-pound, 14-ounce jar dry roasted peanuts
1 14-1/2-ounce bag Crispy M and M's
1 9-ounce bag cinnamon raisins

Note: For a bigger batch, use two bags of M and M's and two bags of cinnamon raisins.


Mix ingredients in a gallon-size zipper-lock bag.

Stir gently or gently shake to combine thoroughly.

Nutrition Information

Recipe makes 4 pounds.

Bonus Recipe: The Original Gorp

1 part M & M's
1 part raw peanuts or assorted nuts
1 part raisins

Mix ingredients well in a zipper-lock bag. Note: If you keep this sealed in a zipper-lock bag, it lasts a year or more. Makes 2 pints.

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