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Shredded Squid Gorp

Shredded squid

Try Shredded Squid Gorp! If you really dislike squid, you can substitute dried scallops or any type of jerky cut into bite-size bits for the squid in this recipe.


8 ounces dried, *shredded squid
8 ounces wasabi peas (the spicier the better)
8 ounces assorted rice crackers
8 ounces spicy rice crackers
1 cup cashews
1 cup lightly salted cocktail peanuts
1 cup spicy sesame sticks
1 cup finely chopped dried apple (optional)


Pull apart the shredded squid pieces so they won't clump.

Mix in the other ingredients, and serve.

Note: Don't tell your hiking partners what they're eating; they're more likely to enjoy it!

Nutrition Information

Recipe makes 2 pounds.

Nutrition Nibbles

Squid - doesn't look too appetizing, does it? However ... Proteins found in squid are extremely beneficial for the healthy functioning of the human body. Squids contain large amounts of phosphorus, similar to fish and shrimps. Phosphorus is necessary for stimulating calcium and building the bones and teeth. A great source of vitamin B12, squids are known to lower homocystein levels in the body, which can otherwise increase the rate of strokes and heart attacks. Squids help in stabilizing sugar levels in the blood due to an increased supply of vitamin B3 to the body.

Did You Know?

The history of trail mix and and gorp snacks begins with the ancient nomads. They were experts at creating portable high energy snacks that withstood changes in weather and did not require cooking.

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