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Healthy Grilling Recipes

Healthy Grilling Recipe

While throwing a couple of marbled steaks or ground chuck patties on the fire may be tempting, consider some alternative grilling options to make this rite of summer a healthier one.

  • 1) Choose lean meats. The healthiest meats are flank steak, sirloin, and filet mignon, and certain companies make lean ground-beef products. Look for 93-percent lean ground beef.
  • 2) Use the grill carefully. Studies have linked a possible cancer connection to heavy consumption of grilled and fried foods because of carcinogens released. Use medium heat when you do grill to prevent charring of the meat.

Trimming Tip: Leave the cheese off of sandwiches and hamburgers to save about 80 to 100 calories. Use cooking spray instead of butter when making a grilled sandwich.

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