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Muffin Recipe Collection

Baked Muffin Recipe Collection

Can muffins be considered a breakfast food? Are they like a cupcake? Not when they are low fat mighty muffins!

Trimming Tip: When making muffins or quick breads, use 3 ripe, well mashed bananas instead of 1/2 cup butter. Or, substitute a cup of applesauce for a cup of butter or oil. You'll get less saturated fat and fewer calories. Alternatively, you can cut the amount of oil or butter in half and use applesauce for one half. This can save the texture of the muffins. Replacing all of the oil in your recipe can make the muffins come out too "heavy".

Replace plain milk with vanilla or chocolate soy milk when baking muffins. It adds flavor as well as protein and vitamins.

Baking Tip: If you don't have enough batter to fill all cupcake tins, pour 1 tablespoon of water into the unfilled spots...this helps preserve the life of your pans and allows the muffins or cupcakes to cook evenly.

Did you know? Muffins are always best served warm. If you have any left over, individually wrap them, put them in freezer bags and freeze for up to three weeks. The double wrapping keeps them from becoming freezer burned or taking on the taste of other foods in your freezer. It also keeps them as fresh as when you removed them from the oven. Microwave 15 to 20 seconds (depending on your microwave strength) to serve warm.

The following muffin recipes can be enjoyed for breakfast, a dessert or a snack. All are low in fat and many are under 200 calories each. They provide a good carbohydrate boost and when ingredients such as fruit and/or vegetables are added they pack an additional nutrition punch.

Master the art of making a good muffin and you'll never be wanting for a quick breakfast or snack again!

Onto our marvelous muffin recipes!

Plate of chocolate chip muffins

Muffin Baking Tips

  • When making muffins, mix your ingredients in a juice pitcher so you can pour the mixture easily into each muffin tin. Result? Save time, and fewer drips.
  • Use an ice cream scoop to easily fill muffin tins with mixture.
  • Helpful Hint: Muffins baked in paper cupcake liners stay fresh longer. Leftovers can be frozen and reheated.
  • The next time you bake muffins (or sweet bread), try greasing and sugaring pans instead of greasing and flouring. Everyone will love the slight hint of added sweetness.

Muffin Sandwich

Toast one-half of a whole-wheat English muffin. Top with one slice Canadian bacon, a tomato slice, and one slice low-fat American cheese. Microwave until the cheese melts.

Tips for Picture-Perfect Muffins

  • When adding the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients, stir by hand only until combined. Do not overmix. Typical quick bread/muffin batter contains some lumps. If batter is overmixed, muffins will bake up tough and rubbery.
  • Muffins are usually baked on the middle rack in a preheated oven. Avoid opening the oven door too often to check on them. Doing so can cause a rapid loss of oven heat and may affect the outcome of your muffins.
  • Use a good quality muffin pan with cupcake liners.
  • Bake muffins for a little less than the time called for in the recipe, then check for doneness. Do not overbake. Muffins are done when a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Trouble-Shooting Muffins

  • If a muffin turns out hard that means there is too much flour and not enough liquid in the batter. Or, the batter may have been stirred too long and too hard.
  • If muffins are tough and soggy, with peaks in the center, the batter was probably over-mixed, which toughens it.
  • A muffin that rises and then falls flat in the center does not have enough flour. Sometimes eggs are so large that they increase the ratio of liquid ingredients, so you may need to increase the flour by about 1/4 cup.
  • If muffins are coarse-textured, it may mean not enough stirring and baking at too low a temperature.

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