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Bugs and Dirt Nature Snack

Halloween Treat Pumpkin Magnet

Just a few simple ingredients create a fun and healthy Bugs and Dirt Nature Snack for Halloween or any gathering for kids - of any age.


Chocolate Graham Crackers
Chocolate Sprinkles - Ants
Gummy Worms
Raisins for Beetles


Crush the graham crackers with a rolling pin.

Place into a bowl then add the ants, beetles and worms to the "dirt".

Place the bowl in the middle of the table with a clean sand shovel and let each child scoop up a cup of dirt and bugs.

These can be eaten with hands or spoons, depending on how your preference/situation.

This is also great for outside at the picnic table, using small paper cups or plastic bags for their treats.

These are also a perfect, fun treat to serve at halloween parties for kids of all ages!

Nutrition Information

Recipe makes 6 servings.

Halloween Prose

Let's give ourselves a scare, let's do it with a tale of bubbling brew.
Sobbing ghouls,winds that howl, wicked vampires on the prowl.
Let's be spooky in the night, Have a witch switch off the lights.
Let's imagine ghostly scenes - why you ask? It's Halloween!

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