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Marshmallow Dip Sticks

Peanut butter for marshmallow dip sticks

Marshmallow Dip Sticks are a fun favorite of both kids and adults made out of chocolate, peanut butter and marshmallows.


2 cups milk chocolate chips
1 cup peanut butter (stir and warm slightly for easier handling)
10 oz. bag large marshmallows
Chocolate sprinkles
Round decorative toothpicks
Waxed paper


Insert toothpicks into marshmallows to act as a popsicle-type stick. Dip top of marshmallow into the peanut butter. Set aside on waxed paper lined plate.

Melt chocolate chips in the microwave, on stove top, or in a double boiler until melted. Make sure you do not overcook!

Dip peanut butter end of marshmallow into the melted chocolate, and then immediately dip into the chocolate sprinkles. Place on waxed paper to cool.

Cautionary tip: Use rounded toothpicks when working with, or making these for, small children. You may also replace the toothpicks for lollipop or ice cream sticks.

Nutrition Information

Recipe makes 3 dozen.

Did You Know?

Marshmallow is an herb! Marshmallow - the herb, not the white puffy confection roasted over a campfire - has been used for more than 2,000 years as both a food and a medicine.

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