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Soy Recipe Collection

Soy Recipe Collection Soy Nuts

The soybean is one of a large family of plants called legumes.

Legumes tend to be higher in protein than other plant foods; in fact, the mature soybean is about 42-percent protein, 33-percent carbohydrate, 20-percent oil, and 5-percent hull. In fact, the soybean is the only plant source of protein considered a complete protein.

Soy is similar to the best animal sources of protein without all the saturated fat. Soybeans contain minerals, including iron and, if the processing method is correct, calcium.

Today's soy protein ingredients allow people to get all the benefits of soy in a wide variety of favorite foods like soy burgers, drinks and shake mixes, soy protein bars and more. Read more...

Satiating Soy Recipes

Fresh picked soy bean pods

Soybean for Your Bones

Eating a diet high in soybean protein may help bone health. In a study, soy protein, such as that found in edamame and soy nuts, decreased the risk of bone fractures, especially in women in early menopause. Isoflavones in soy may be responsible for the effect.

Isolated Soy Protein

At 90-percent protein (based on dry weight), isolated soy protein is the most concentrated form of soy protein. Manufacturers make most isolated soy protein using water to extract sugar from de-fatted soy flakes. The protein is then precipitated and dried. Excessive processing can wash away some of the phytochemicals that were originally present in the soybean.

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