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Tea Recipe Collection

Tea for tea recipe collection

Terrific Tea

  • Studies link tea to increased bone density, lower blood pressure and reduced chance of stroke and heart attack.
  • Tea contains fluoride, which helps inhibit the growth of bacteria associated with tooth decay.
  • The amount of time tea leaves are oxidized, or exposed to air, determines the color and flavor of tea.
  • You know lemon juice is lovely in hot tea, but have you tried a squeeze of fresh orange or tangerine? Use fresh orange or lemon juice to marinate beef, chicken and pork, as well.

Tea Trimming Tip: Drink coffee or tea with skim or 1 percent milk instead of cream or regular milk. A 12-ounce glass of iced tea sweetened with sucralose can save more than 100 calories

Tea Tips : Flavored teas wrapped in pretty paper make a great gift basket! You can apply a wet cool teabag to small skin burns for quick pain reduction.

Break for Tea

If you usually break for coffee, switch to green or black tea, if possible. Its antioxidants can help ward off wrinkle-causing free radicals plus green tea may also help prevent cancer and aid in weight loss efforts. A study of Internal Medicine found that women who drank two or more cups of tea a day had a 48 percent lower risk of ovarian cancer than those who did not drink it. Green Tea has also been discovered to increase metabolism and fight fat.

Tantalizing Tea Recipes

Did You Know?

  • January is Hot Tea Month
  • After water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world.
  • In ancient China, tea was regarded not only as a food, but as a medicine.
  • Tea was not introduced to Europe until the mid-seventeenth century.
  • Instead of water you can use tea in stews and sauces. It will help tenderize tough cuts of meat and add a rich flavor to the gravy. For example, tenderize a pot roast or stewing meat by using two cups of hot tea as a cooking liquid.
  • The amount of time tea leaves are oxidized, or exposed to air, determines the color and flavor of tea.
  • Studies have linked tea to increased bone density, reduced chance of stroke and heart attack, and lower blood pressure.
  • Tea is calorie-free. Tea itself has no calories unless you choose to add sweeteners or milk, making it a satisfying, low-calorie way to wake up and maybe even shed a few pounds.

Theanine in Tea

Theanine is an amino acid found in tea that stimulates alpha brain waves, the same ones active in meditation. Tea's yin-yang combination of theanine and caffeine may enhance creativity, multitasking and focus, studies say.

Two ladies sharing afternoon tea at tea time

Iced Tea History

A scorching heat wave during the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair led a tea plantation owner, who had been offering free hot tea, to add ice cubes to his samples. "Iced Tea" became an instant crowd pleaser. Today, ready-to-drink iced tea accounts for about 80 percent of tea sales in the United States.

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