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Sun Tea

Cup of Sun Tea

A Sun Tea made using the natural warmth of the sun! All you need is a good glass jar, your tea bags and fresh water. Preferably spring water for best results.


10  small tea bags
3 large tea bags
A 1-gallon glass jar
Water (preferably spring water)


Fill a one-gallon glass jar with cold water and add either ten small tea bags or 3 large tea bags and close lid.

Place jar outside and make sure it is sitting in direct sunlight.

Let jar sit for about 1 hour if placed outside in mid-afternoon or two to three hours if jar was placed outside early in the morning, or on cooler days.

Recipe Notes

  • The water will turn a deep golden brown color.
  • Remove from sun and allow cooling before serving.
  • Wait until the Sun Tea is cool, and then add ice. Otherwise, it will be cloudy.

Nutrition Information

Recipe makes 1 quart.

Tea Tip

Tea Tip

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